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Pink Fin Surf Perch Fishing

Author: Anthony Rubeo

Surf Fishing at Oregon!

Out here on the West Coast, we get Pink Fin year round, they average between one to three pounds. They like to eat  Mole Crabs, which we call Sand Fleas. Sand Fleas are easy to grab with your hands and are readily available at the edge of the surf line. On a good day you can grab a dozen in about 10 minutes. You really have an endless supply fishing from the beach. For those that prefer to buy bait the Gulp 2” Sandworms are popular. They look like the hundreds of little sandworms that get stirred up in the surf on an outgoing tide. 

Surf Perch Fishing in Oregon.

Pink Fin Surf Perch

Rod: Rods that work for surf perch are 10 feet in length or longer and are rated for up to 5 ounces, although rods rated up to 2 ounces have better sensitivity and are more enjoyable to fight the fish.

Cabelas Fish fish Eagle
Cabelas Fish Eagle 10’ 1/2-2oz
Penn Prevail Surf
Penn Prevail Surf 10’ 1-5 oz

Reel Size: Reels should be in the 4000 to 6500 size depending on the rod length and should balance the rod out.

Shimano Nasci 4000XG
Penn Spinfisher V 6500
Penn Spinfisher V 6500

Line: I like yellow Bullbuster 40lb braid on my reel so I can see the line in the surf.  I like a 20lb Mono bumper of at least 9 feet because perch can be line shy.  

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Hooks: Hook size should range from size 4 through 2/0 I like bait holders and circle hooks. 

Eagle Claw Bait Holder
Eagle Claw Bait Holder
Gamakatsu In-line Circle hook

Rig: I like to run a hi-low rig. 

Hi-Low Rig

How to tie a dropper loop for the Hi-Low Rig

Weight: I like to run a 2-4oz Pyramid weight but adjust that based on the surf conditions.  

Pryamid Sinker
Pryamid Sinker

Bait: Gulp 2” Sandworms or Mole Crabs 

Gulp 2” Camo Sandworms
Sand Fleas aka Dole Crabs
Sand Fleas aka Mole Crabs

Tight lines!!

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