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Pier Shark Fishing

Author: #TeamDorsal

Depending on where you are fishing dictates how you should fish. With that being said these tricks work good at where we fish. When targeting smaller sharks off piers inshore you want to use smaller baits such as medium sized ladyfish. Lady fish is a great oily bait that sharks love and is also fun to catch. If you can get a live one that will swim the right direction that is the best. If you are using dead ladyfish rig them with a large 16/0 to 20/0 circle hook non stainless. Find the way you current is going at our area a rising tide helps float our baits away from the pier. We use biodegradable ballons to help carry the bait out. 130lb mono connected straight to 5ft of steel works great. If you can get the current working in your favor the bait will stay directly infront of your rod and you can leave the bait submerged 5ft under the water hanging. Small blacktips will jump clear out the water and make for fun on the pier. Have a proper way to get the fish up such as a drop net so you can either harvest it or get the hook out and send it back. Make sure you are using bullbuster mono for its abrasion resistance. Fishing from piers comes with alot of obstacles. You can quickly lose a great fish if you don't have the right line. Spanish mackerel is also a oily bait used often when targeting sharks from piers. Make sure it remains in whole condition though as any fish with a size limit is not allowed to be cut up and used as bait it must be able to be measured if asked. Good luck. #TeamDorsal 

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