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"Penn Senators"

Author: #TeamDorsal

I have been reading alot of articles and post lately about Penn Senators. Many people bashing them for being slow reels with little drag. Out the box these statements are true. They are cheap to get and last a long time. These are reasons why many people buy them to begin with. They have countless records caught on them due to being easily accessible and large line capacity. These 14/0 reels have 35lbs max drag out the box. This is the reason why many of those records are fish that did not swim away. When fishing a Penn Senator the first thing you want to do is upgrade the drag. When done properly you can boost these reels up to about 57lbs of drag. Which is great because the more drag the faster you can get the fish on the beach. The faster you get the fish in the quicker the release the better the success rate. When I fished them I would pack them down with 200lb bullbuster braid and a 130lb mono topshot. They don't have enough drag to pop the line so you want capacity in these factors. Plus 130lb mono to 200lb bullbuster braid makes a good knot connection. When I fish a senator the nostalgia feeling is what I love. That never changed look of them takes you back in time and that star drag is fun to work. Run your bait out in your kayak then when bait is dropped ; reel until you can feel your spider weight dig into the bottom. Once set , loosen the drag till the line comes off the spool easily. The fun part is when you get a run on them. Get to your free and freespool it holding light pressure with your fingertips on the spool to keep it from backlashing. While in freespool start tightening the star as the fish is running. I like to tighten it almost all the way then back it off half a turn. Grab the reel and rod put it over your shoulder hold on as tight as possible. Flip the lever to engage the drag and immediately take off running up the beach away from the water. When it feel it starting to get tight dig down in the sand sit down and start cranking. Once you know the hook has been set you can loosen the drag a little and let them take their initial run. This is some of the most fun land based shark fishing. Just make sure you get the drag upgraded so you don't have sharks washing up dead on a beach near you. Good luck. #TeamDorsal 

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