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Peacock Bass Vs. Largemouth Bass

Author: ScottRoseFishing

Comparing Peacock Bass To Largemouth Bass

In the 80's politicians decided to introduce peacock bass to South Florida to compete with Brazil's tourist industry for them. South Florida is one of the only places in the world that you can target largemouth bass and peacock bass in the same waters. 

Largemouth Bass

. Size : Largemouth Bass (World Record 22.4Lbs) vs. Peacock Bass World Record (27Lbs.)

. Bite: Peacock Bass are way more aggressive than largemouth bass.  If you put a peacock bass in a tank with a largemouth bass, the Peacock Bass will eat a live shiner first. 

. Fight: Peacock bass fight harder than largemouth bass since they are more aggresive. 

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