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Part 2 - Trolling For King Mackerel In The Gulf Of Mexico

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

How To Catch Kingfish From Your Kayak In The Gulf?

In part 2 of trolling for King Mackerel in the Gulf of Mexico we’re going to go over the basic lures and trolling setups. When I troll for kings out of a kayak I usually troll two rods. One high and one low. To do this, I use two to three different setups. One, as talked about in part 1, is the double treble (stinger) king rig setup with either a live or frozen cigar minnow. To add to this setup I usually slide a pink, green or pearl trolling skirt (See picture below). This adds a little bling to the cig candy trolling setup. This setup is usually my middle to top trolling bait. Click the follow link to see how to rig a live/frozen cigar minnow.


                My next setup is the BigNicFishing 1.5 oz Mac-a-Hoo plug. It’s a weighted jig head with a mold hole in the rear that is setup for a locking J-hook which prevents the bait from barrel rolling the whole time your trolling. This is my middle to bottom of the column setup and usually is my most productive setup. I like the greens, pinks, and pearl mac-a-hoo’s with mylar tape. Here is a quick video link of how the mac-a-hoo looks in the water.


The following link is where you can purchase a BigNicFishing Mac-a-hoo.



My last setup for trolling for kings is a  Unfair stickminno 120 lure with a 1-2oz egg weight.  I usually rig this up with about 2-3ft of 60# bullbuster mono and change it out after landing two to three kings unless I see fraying in the line. This setup with a 1-2oz egg weight is my middle of the column bait and is very effect with the kings, jacks, and bonitas. See the below link to purchase.

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