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Overnight Fishing Trip To San Clemente Island

Author: Colby Uva

Overnight Trip To San Clemente From Orange County

I took a trip on the "Fury" this weekend out of Dana Point.  So I put together an article on what to expect for the trip. This article covers :

- An Outline Of A Typical Trip

- What Time To Get To The Dock 

- Food Onboard

- How Many Passengers Should You Expect

- Tackle You Should Bring 

- Info On How To Book The Trip

July Overnight Fishing In Dana Point

From mid to late summer the yellowtail and bass fishing is on fire at San Clemente Island and the boats from Orange County and Southern LA county make their way out to the island to take advantage.
San Clemente Island is the southern most channel island Offshore Orange county and has extensive kelp beds around it shore.

Outline Of A Typical Trip Aboard The Fury

How The Trip Starts :

Overnight trips aboard the Fury usually leave around 9pm. You should be at the dock at 7pm to get your ticket from the Dana Wharf Office and line up to pick your spot on the boat. Once you board the boat and load all of your gear onto your bunk, the boat will head over to the bait barge where the crew will load up on bait while other crew members give you a breakdown of how the fishing has been and what the game plan for the trip will be. The run to San Clemente Island will take several hours, so this is a good time to put your head down and get some rest. You will probably be arriving at the island some time around 3am. 

Fishing San Clemente Island : 

When the boat first arrives, they may spend some time "making squid". The crew will stick a light in the water and scoop up squid with the nets. This squid can make great bait for bottom fish such as sheepshead or the more pelagic and elusive white Seabass.

As the day progresses the captain will find different kelp forests and the crew will chum to get the fish active.

San Clemente has abundant whitefish and Sheepshead on the bottom and some of the biggest Calico Bas you will ever see.

There are also Pacific Barracuda, bonita and yellowtail to make a day fishing at San Clemente a blast

Food On The Boat

The Fury has a pretty basic menu for breakfast and lunch. The breakfast options are pretty filling with a good breakfast burrito. Lunch has a few options but the most filling and best tasting is their double bacon cheeseburger.

How Many Passengers Should You Expect?

The max number of passengers on the Fury is 30, however at the time of writing this it is capped at 24 due to the Corona Virus

What Tackle Should I Bring To Fish San Clemente Island?

You should bring 2-3 rods. One jig stick to throw at boiling yellowtail, one small conventional or large spinning reel to "fly line" live baits with at least 40Lb braid. One smaller setup to target Calico bass on whitefish.

Hooks - J hooks no larger than a 2/0

Fluorocarbon- 20, 30, and 40Lb fluorocarbon

Weights - and assortment of egg and bank Sinkers up to 6oz  (This is important as many of the yellowtail on this trip were caught down at 80 feet and simple fly lined baits were not cutting it).

How To Book  A Trip Aboard The Fury

The best way to book a trip aboard the Fury is to call Dana Wharf Landing.  To get more information on theFury in Dana Point, here is their website:

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