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Outboards Vs. Diesel Inboard Engines For Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

Comparing Outboards Vs. Diesel Inboards For Fishing

The biggest difference between an inboard and outboard engines is where they are on the boat. An outboard engine is connected to the transom of the boat with a mount, while the inboard engine is inside of the hull with and is connected to a propeller shaft that sticks out of the hull.  An inboard engine is similar to an automobile engine, except it gets its cooling by water instead of by air, the outboard engine is designed specifically for marine applications.  Below we will cover a few of the advantages of each type of motor.  

Some Pro’s To Having A Diesel  Inboard Engine

  1. 1) Many inboard engines last much longer than outboard engines as they can be rebuilt more easily (see figuring out what is wrong with your diesel engine). 

  2. 2) Inboard engines are out of the way for you for fishing, giving you more space at the stern of the boat. 

  3. 3) Inboard engines have been known to attract billfish, since the vibrations of the hull can sound like a school of baitfish. 

Some Pro’s To Having An Outboard Engine

  1. 1) An outboard engine allows you to bring your boat into shallower water, since you can trim them up.  Some boats even have a “Jackplate” that allows you enter into very skinny water. 

  2. 2) Outboards are easier to remove from your boat. 

  3. 3) In general for smaller boats these engines are easier to work on, since they are more accessible. 

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