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Our Catalog Of Monofilament Fishing Line Spools On

Author: Bullbuster Team

Catalog Of Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Lines

In this video, we go over the 5 sizes of monofilament that we carry on Prices have gone up slightly since the video due to increased production cost, however the selection remains similar. 

As many of you know our mission is to help you spend more time fishing. We are an online (direct to consumer) fishing line. This means you buy directly from our factory through The best deals for you are always our bulk lines. (Less time of one of us sitting in front of a spooling machine and making your spool = you saving money + time on your fishing line).

Bullbuster monofilament fishing lines come in several sizes.

1) 1/2Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Line

Except for very rare occasions and marketing events, you will only see this spool in 12Lb and 15Lb test monofilament.

2) 1Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Lines

This is the spool for you if you do most of your fishing on your own or are a weekend warrior that doesn't get out all that often.

1Lb Spools Of Clear Monofilament Fishing Lines

1Lb Spools Of Yellow Monofilament Fishing Lines

We carry this spool from 20Lb Test - 200Lb test mono.

3) 3Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Lines

This is the monofilament spool of monofilament for you if you are a serious light tackle fishermen. When we say light tackle we don't mean trout in streams, we mean light tackle big game fishing. Fishing for fish like tarpon, yellowtail, halibut, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo with light monofilament lines.

This spool comes in:

20Lb- 40Lb test monofilament.

3Lb Spools Of Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

This spool is excellent for you if you are:

- Kite Fishing For Sailfish
- Trolling For Salmon With Planar Boards
- Fishing For "Rockfish" in the Chesapeake Bay
- Run A Charter Fishing Boat
- Fish Light Tackle Billfish Tournaments
- Make TONS of leaders
- Live on an island where gear is hard to get

4) 5Lb Spools Of Monofilament Fishing Lines

This is the go-to spool for big game fishermen.

5Lb Spools Of Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

You can buy this spool from 50Lb - 200Lb test mono.

This spool is for you if you:

- Are spooling 30 50 80 and 130 class reels
- Are Landbased Shark Fishing
- Run A Charter Boat
- Fish Billfish Tournaments
- Live on an island where buying in bulk will save you the hassle

5) 22Lb Spools Of Bulk Monofilament Fishing Lines

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The link below will give you access to all of our monofilament fishing lines:

We also have a number of other resources for you about mono lines. These include:

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