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Opening Amberjack Season

Author: Connor Jeffries

2018 Gulf Of Mexico Amberjack Season

Get your boats out because amberjack season has opened in the Gulf as of May 1st. FWC will be closing it May 31, so it gives everyone a month to go out and put some jacks in the boat. They will be opening it again August 1st and closing it October 31. Amberjacks are a very powerful pelagic found offshore. 

Check out the video below by fellow #BullbusterAmbassador Big Bully Outdoors.  Its an epic video of them catching big AJ's on topwaters in the Gulf Of Mexico. 

How I Catch Amberjacks

When I fish for them, I use butterfly jigs. Butterfly jigs are a long, heavy lead jig with a hook attached at the top split ring instead of the bottom one. When over a reef, you drop the jig all the way down about a 100 feet and pop it up very fast. 

How They Hit!

Most of the time, the amberjacks will completely demolish the jig and you will feel like you hooked a submarine. Amberjacks are also called "Reef Kings" because, well, the name says it all. 

Eating Amberjacks

They taste absolutely amazing, thus the reason they are fished for so much. I personally prefer them smoked as I do pretty much all of my saltwater fish species.

How To Tell The Difference Between 

Amberjacks are sort of a bronze color with a dark brown line going from their tail to their nose. They are a very pretty, and great tasting fish. There are different types of amberjacks like the Almaco Jack. The Almaco Jack usually is a lighter color but looks a little similar but very much smaller.

Tackle For Big "Reef Donkeys"

Most of the really big "Donkey" Amberjacks are usually caught with live bait that is deep dropped on conventional reels. I fish for amberjacks with 130lb Bullbuster Monofilament Leader.

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