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  People ask us why we like to use such large reels when targeting sharks, the answer is simple. Heavy drag with heavy line means you can put max pressure on fish to get it in fast. This lowers any chances of mortality rates slim to none. Another reason why is you never know what you are going to hook into. You could fish for years catching large sharks, but what exactly is a large shark. I'm talking about the biggest of the biggest, the fish of a lifetime, the one you been waiting for your whole life. When you hook into that fish you are gonna wish you had the biggest reels and lots of heavy line. Land based shark fishing you don't have a boat you can use to chase down the fish. You are positioned in one spot unable to follow anything you may be hooked into. For this reason you rely on line capacity and heavy drag. Everol makes the biggest reels you can buy in todays market. Some reels pushing over 200lbs of drag made to tame the largest fish in history with multiple records to prove it. We pack our reels full to the brim with 200lb bullbuster braid. This braid is slick, trustworthy, and most importantly it's very strong. When the day comes that I finally hook into a 15ft+ monster fish. I can have faith in my Everol 18/0 and 200lb bullbuster braid connected to my 1000lb bullbuster mono. Knowing it will help me catch the fish I have always wanted. The fish of a lifetime! #TeamDorsal #Everol #Bullbuster 

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