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Night Time Swordfishing Videos Now On

Author: Bullbuster Team

After news of political censorship on Youtube, we decided to test the waters and post a few videos on Rumble, starting with our night time swordfishing video series. 

The first video is from our comprehensive guide to night time swordfishing. This video goes in depth into night time swordfishing including tips, techniques, gear, baits, science and more. 

Since the first video is a comprehensive video, we decided to pull out some valuable excerpts and share them below. 

1st Excerpt: How To Make A Night Time Swordfish Buoy

This video includes the the basic materials you will need as well as instructions on how to make a basic swordfish buoy. 

2nd Excerpt: How To Set Up A Drift For Swordfish At Night

This video goes in depth on how to set up your drift while fishing 5 rods for night time swordfish. 

We hope that you enjoyed our first post featuring videos. We will see how they go moving forward. 

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