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NEW Bahamas "Click To Clear" Online Check In Process For Private Vessels

Author: Mike Milewski

Hi All, 

Great news if you are heading over to the Bahamas this spring/summer to fish, you can fill out and submit all your boat paper work online!!! Our next trip will be the first trip using this new expedited process. We will keep you posted on how it goes. 

In the interim,  the below information includes the new online submission process and helpful links for everyone to review. 

Please keep in mind anyone entering the Bahamas by private vessel is currently required to have a negative PCR COVID test (Within 5 days of entry) and the approved health visa.   

PLEASURE VESSELS (Digital Submission Process)

The digital submission of pleasure vessels came into effect in the Islands of the Bahamas as of the February 22nd, 2021. All pleasure vessels will be entered and paid for using the Cruising Permit Module within the Click2Clear system. Bahamas Customs aims to go paperless and cashless in the near future and this process is to facilitate that very same notion.   Clearing Inbound: (Click for Tutorial)

· Log onto our portal using the “Cruising Permit” button on the landing page for the Official Customs Website ( No username or password is required to log in.

·  Select “Pleasure Vessel” from the menu below the login fields.

·  Once logged in, select the “Pleasure Craft” to open the module and start in “Create Inbound” to begin declaring your vessel arrival.

· Fill out all fields following the tabs to the right to continue the process from the Header Tab to the Summary Tab. Once completed, validate and submit your voyage.

  Payment: (Click for Tutorial)

·  After submission is payment. Select the “Payment” module and click “Pleasure Craft Payment”. Where it asks for a Business Transaction Number, enter the Rotation Number you would have gotten from your Online Submission and submit.

· Check the Header tab to verify the details you submitted and Summary Tab to view your pending fees. Lastly, pay online using the payment portal entering your preferred payment method. (Visa Debit/Credit Card). If you cannot pay online or simply choose to pay in cash, the submission can be paid for upon arrival arranged by the marina where you intend to dock. (NOTE: A vessel cannot be approved by a Customs Officer until it is paid in FULL.)

  Waive-Off Requests

· If you submitted and paid for a previous voyage, but were unable to depart due to circumstances, you can show proof of your previous Cruising Permit Application and apply for a Waive Off Request. This will nullify all fees for your for the next voyage so that payment will not be necessary. 

  Search Inbound (Click for Tutorial)

· After payment you can search for your existing submission by clicking “Search Inbound”. You can then print your Cruising Permit by selecting the handle (three dots) and selecting “Print”.

·  You can also view your information if you ever lose track or log out of the interface entering in your information from your draft or unpaid submission. (NOTE: The submission is no longer editable after payment.)

  Fishing Permit:

· The Fishing Permit is only attainable (in the Header Tab) after the vessel has been approved by a Customs Officer upon arrival. This does not have to be stamped and signed by a Customs Officer due to the fact that is only receivable after the voyage is approved and the Cruising Permit number is shown on the Fishing Permit.

  Clearing Outbound: (Click for Tutorial)

· Under the ‘Pleasure Craft’ module, select ‘Create Outbound’ entering in your Rotation Number as well as the Vessel Registration Number of your previous voyage and submit.

· Select the handle (three dots) on the right hand side and clone your Inbound Submission. This will create your outbound declaration.

· Change the date of Departure and all pertinent information following the steps you would have completed before ensuring that all information is true and correct. Complete your submission by validating and submitting at the Summary Tab. (Outbound voyages should not calculate any fees as long as the passenger count does not increase and on the condition that the stores on board are the same).

  Search Outbound (Click for Tutorial)

· You can also search for an existing outbound voyage by selecting the ‘Pleasure Craft’ Module and clicking ‘Search Outbound’. Enter your Country of Registration, Rotation Number and Vessel Registration before submitting.

· You can then view the details for your existing outbound voyage or if it is still in draft, edit at any time prior to payment

· Must entered at a designated Port of Entry. Click here to see list of designated Ports of Entry.

·  Upon approval, a Temporary Cruising Permit (Form C39) and Fishing Permit will be issued for the vessel.

· At the time of clearance, supporting documents must be present (originals) and the fees associated with the clearance process must be paid.

·In addition to the Cruising Permit fee, a passenger arrival tax of $20.00 per person is applicable for any pleasure vessel that brings more than three 

Supporting Documents

· Proof of citizenship/Identification for all on board (crew/passengers)

· Vessel Registration/Title

Related Fee(s)

The fee associated with receiving a Temporary Cruising Permit and Fishing Permit is –

· Pleasure Vessels Not Exceeding 34 feet:

o   $150.00 (3 months)

o   $300.00 (12 months)

· Pleasure Vessels Exceeding 34 feet but less than 100 feet:

o   $300.00 (3 months)

o   $600.00 (12 months)

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