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Mullet Run Prep

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

The 2018 Mullet Run Is Just Around The Corner

The mullet run is just around the corner for us Floridians living on the East Coast. The mullet run is an epic fishing event that happens from late August to early October, where the mullet make their yearly migration down the East Coast of Florida. This attracts all kinds of predatory species and the fishing is absolutely insane.

There is not too much prep work involved for the mullet run but I think it is better to get your gear and supplies before the season starts to ensure that you will be prepared and not be scrambling around at the last minute.

 The most important part of fishing the mullet run is using the proper baits and lures. The obvious choice of bait would be using mullet, but what if I told you there are better baits to use! I have seen anglers use ladyfish, bluefish and jacks. They often get better hookups and bigger fish because these baits stand out from the schools of mullet. The easiest way to harvest mullet during this event is to use a cast net. I prefer using a 6-8ft net because the bait is so compressed together. You only need one throw with the net and you will have more than enough bait for a day of fishing. The lures I like to throw during the mullet run would be 6 and 9 inch Spooltek's in the mullet pattern and the Live Target Mullet Swimbait as well as throwing larger Yo zuri jerkbaits and spoons.

Terminal Tackle is a very important aspect to fishing the mullet run, you could hook into a 1 pound jack but at the same time you could also hook into a 150lb tarpon or a big blacktip shark. You want to have the correct terminal tackle to handle these species. I like using 2/0-5/0 Owner Mutu Circle Hooks and 7/0-9/0 Owner Gorilla Lites. These are some of the most dependable hooks I have used and I never have to worry about them failing. I like to use 50-80lb mono leader as my leader material because it offers abrasion resistance as well as acting as a shock leader. I like to either free line my mullet or fish it closer to the bottom using 2 size 0 split shots. As my main line I like to use 30-40lb braid because it is quite versatile and I can cast further and the line is a bit thinner in the water creating a more natural looking presentation. I can also fit more line on to the reel I am using in case I hook some larger species.

The 2 Rod and Reels I will be using for fishing the mullet run will be able to handle all of the species I am targeting while still being light enough so I can have some fun with fish I am catching.

The first combo I will be using is for medium to small size mullet and artificial lures. It is a Star Plasma 8ft 12-20lb paired with a 5000 Shimano Twinpower. It will be filled with 300 yards of 20lb braid. This combo can handle most of the fish of the mullet run without a problem and it should be a fun fight on this lighter set up.

The second combo I will be using is for live lining jacks,mullet and ladyfish. It is a Star Rods VPR Surf 9ft 12-25lb paired with a Shimano Saragosa 8000.  It will be filled with 400 yards of 40lb braid and it should handle all the large speices I encounter.

Good Luck and Tight Lines

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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