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Monofilament Vs Fluorocarbon – The Better Fishing Line For You

Author: Bullbuster Team

Choosing Between Mono & Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

In this article we talk about choosing between monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line as a leader material.  We dial down into what the difference between these two lines is and why you would want to choose one over the other.  Really it gets down to price and necessity.  Fluorocarbon is more expensive but has additional qualities while mono is less expensive and gets the job done. 

Monofilament Fishing Line Leader Material 

Monofilament Leader Material Vs. Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Monofilament fishing lines are great to buy in skeins so that you can keep several types of leader material in your tackle bag at once.  They are inexpensive and practical to use for most applications.  On we carry monofilament leader material in 75 yard skeins in 20Lb, 30Lb, 40Lb, 50Lb, 60Lb, 100LB, and 130Lb test. 

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Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon Leader Material Vs. Monofilament Leader Material

Fluorocarbon fishing line leader skeins are great to have in your tackle bag as well. Fluorocarbon is much more expensive than monofilament line however that is because it is more see through and has more abrasion resistance since it is a harder line. We carry fluorocarbon in 20Lb, 30Lb, 40Lb, 50Lb, 65Lb, 80Lb, 100Lb, and 130Lb test. 

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Why Bullbuster?

Why should you choose Bullbuster fluorocarbon monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines over other brands?  With you are purchasing your leader materials (fluoro and mono) directly from our factory. This gives you brand direct savings and lets you get these line shipped directly to your house. 

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