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Miami Boat Rentals With The Boating Zone

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Rent A Boat In Miami For Fishing In Miami

Find the best Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters in the City of Miami. Offering unique and one of a kind service.

Whether you want to go out to relax, fishing or partying, prepare to have an amazing day out at sea with the best salty crew. Our personnel works to assure you the best experience. 

Each charter includes: gas, captain and ice. If you are bringing children let us know so we can make proper life-vest arrangements. Or, just informed us of any other special occasion. 

Take into account that we are operating according to local official laws in regards to amount of people per vessel. 

Our Fleet Of Rental Boats

If none of these are of your liking we can find something elses for you! Our mission is to help you have the greatest salty day (or night) ever.

Booking Information: / (305)799-7996 Fernando. 

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