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Maximizing The Life Of Your Fishing Line

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

It doesn't matter how many millions of dollars you spend on a boat or where in the world you travel to, monofilament and braided fishing lines are a common denominator. Sportfishing is very demanding in terms of both time and money. When you do a cost benefit analysis, fishing line is an inexpensive but crucial component of the bigger picture. Here are a few tips to make sure your fishing line is always in pristine condition.

1. Always make sure the guides on your rods are in perfect condition. Even the smallest crack or scratch can quickly fray and compromise the integrity of fishing line. Keeping a close eye on your guides and avoiding bad habits like reeling hooks into the rod tip can help avoid premature releases.

2. Avoid backlashes. There is no feeling worse than a massive backlash on a freshly spooled reel. To avoid backlashes, always keep your thumb on the spool or make novice anglers use the clicker. Regardless, backlashes do happen. Always be very careful not to tighten backlashes when trying to fix a tangle. When a backlash turns into a knot, it becomes difficult to untangle and the line will be compromised. Using about a pound of drag and slowly pulling line off the reel with some patience is usually a good approach for fixing backlashes.

3. Watch for line twist and wear and tear. Usually the top 100 feet of the line takes the most damage. This top-shot is exposed to the most friction, sunlight, line twist, and more. Always monitor the top of your spool and don't hesitate to get rid of line in small increments. You can usually trim the top 20-50 feet and find that the remaining line on your reel is in perfect condition. This can help increase the time between re-spooling.

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