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Matrix Shad For Catching Redfish , Sea Trout & Snook

Author: Bullbuster Team

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Inshore fishing for redfish, seatrout, and snook in the shallows with soft plastics, can be a blast!  A buddy of ours told us we should check out these awesome soft plastics based out of Slidell, Louisiana that has a pretty awesome looking set of soft plastic baits.  Check these things out, they come in a number of different colors. 

Matrix Shad "Magento"

This color is really good for clear water with fluorocarbon fishing line, but can be used in all kinds of conditions. 

Matrix Shad Magento

Video Featuring The Matrix Shad "Magento"

Watch this epic trout fishing video!  You can see them in action on Dockside TV catching some GATOR trout!  Check out the pictures of the 10+Lb specked trout (WTH, we know), skip ahead to 6:13 to see this:

Matrix Shad "Limbo Slice"

This is a bright sucker right here.  If you need a color that is going to stand out, this is the one.  

Check out the video featuring this soft plastic. 

Check out this video posted by Dockside TV, to see this soft plastic lure in action on some nice Louisiana bayou redfish.  Check out his description of the Lake Borgne area starting at 3:05.

There are ton of other color combinations, go check em out at

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