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Matching The Hatch

Author: Evan Soudijn

Picking The Right Live Bait

When it comes down to fishing or fishing successfully, I like to think that the simpler the better. When I say "match the hatch", this could be interpreted into many ways, but first I want to clarify what exactly "match the hatch" means. Well basically, it means to use the bait and tackle for a specific area or fishery. Matching the bait that is common in one specific fishery will be provide better results when it comes to catching fish. The same goes to matching your tackle while fishing a certain fishery.

Catching Live Bait With A Cast Net

Inshore Live Bait Considerations

For instance, I could go fish for snook on the Gulf coast and use pilchards and I can catch the same snook on the East coast and use a live bait that is entirely different. With this also being said, "matching the hatch" can be used on your tackle as well. I can fish for tarpon off the beaches on the Gulf coast and use pass crabs and thread fins,and use a lighter outfit to land the fish and I could go fish the East coast beaches for tarpon using a live mullet and also use a heavier outfit. Using the bait that is most prevalent in an area and using that bait will increase your success of catching more fish.

"Matching the hatch" is a way to fish in a simple manner, but allows you to fish effectively by matching your bait and tackle. Finding the proper way to fish a species in a new area can increase the odds of catching fish, by using the baits that are most resourceful to any given area. Finding the most common baits and knowing how I should fish for the species of my choice whether it comes down how should I scale back my tackle are parts of the ways you can catch more fish and continue your success on the water.

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