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Massachusetts Fall Fishing

Author: Sean Oneil

Landbased Fall Fishing In Massachusetts

From mid September to late October the inshore fishing can arguably be the best fishing. In Massachusetts we have bass, blues, false albacore, bonito and much more. This year there has been false albacore and bonito all the way up past the canal. I never heard of that happening, and there was good size bass to go along with it. 

To go along with the fish we have a lot of bait also. Just in the past two months I have seen blitzes of stripers and albies feeding on peanut bunker, silver sides, anchovies, mackerel, sand eels, and adult bunker. So there is a lot of plugs or lures you could use to “match the hatch” and catch fish.

The Gear I Use For Fall Fishing In Massachusetts

For the bass and blues I like throwing pencil poppers, buck tails and tins or metals. The pencil poppers represent a fleeing baitfish trying to escape on the surface. This works very well in the fall when the fish are aggressive. For albies and bonito I like to use epoxy jigs, smaller metals and small soft plastics. I fish them fast because they have great eye sight and you want them to barely see the lure and react when they see it. 

I use a 7.5” medium action rod with a 4000 size reel for albies and bonito because it is so fun when you hook one on light tackle. I spool my reel with 15lb bull buster braid and tie 15lb fluorocarbon directly to the braid with an FG knot.

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