How To:

Make Your Own Wooden Stone Crab Trap!

Author: Arvids Gerulis

DIY Stonecrab Traps

Materials For Making Your Own Stonecrab Traps

- 3/4 inch thick wood boards

- Stone Crab Funnel

- Wood nails and screws

- 2 hinges

- Concrete Mix

- Rope and Bouy

Tools You Will Need To Make Your Traps

- Wood Saw or electric saw

- Hammer 

- Electric Drill

- Concrete Trowel

Directions For Making Your Trap

Step 1) Cut Down Your Wood

To begin building cut 20 pieces of the wood board each piece being16 inches in length. Then cut 4 pieces of the wood board 12 inches in length to support the wood frame so you can began forming a square shape. 

Step 2) Layout Your Shape

Space the wood apart about an inch or so making sure 5 wood boards go on each side of the square. 

Step 3) Start Assembling Your Box

Next you want to nail it all together by nailing the wood board edges to the wood frame on all 4 sides. After you have completed the bottom portion of the trap and formed a square shape you want to put 4 nails through the bottom wood board to secure the concrete.

Step 4) Assemble Your Top

To begin building the top cut 4 pieces of the wood board 16 inches in length and attach a wood frame and nail it together. There should be a place to put your funnel and you want to secure it with nails. Next cut 2 pieces of wood 16 inches in length and place one piece of wood on one side of the trap and the other directly across from it and nail it down. You then want to place the lid on the trap and attach the 2 hinges to create a lid. You also want to use some scrap wood you have left behind to create the latches to close the trap and secure with screw and washer on the wood. You will notice when done you can open and close your trap with the latches and have a empty bottom where you will pour the concrete mixture. 

Step 5) Weight Your Trap Down

Pour about 40 pounds of concrete on the bottom to create  weight to sink the trap to the bottom. Let the concrete cure for about 24 hours and you are set. 

Step 6) Add Your Buoy Line

Attach the rope to the trap depending on how deep of water you will have the trap in and attach a bouy at the end of the rope to mark your trap and being able to locate it to retrieve your Stone Crabs.

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