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Make Your Own Shark Fishing Dehooker

Author: The Shark Boys

DIY Shark Fishing Dehooker 

In addition to our homemade spider weights, after looking online at dehookers, I realized that I could make one that was much better for much less. I decided to just go with a hook type rather than the push pull type since all of my fishing is done with circle hooks and i can just pull them out.

Materials For Your DIY Shark Fishing Dehooker

1) 3/4 inch steel tubing

2) 10mm nuts

3) Unthreaded steel rod

Instructions For Your DIY Dehooker

Step 1) Start by cutting the rod two inches longer than you want the dehooker to be. I chose to make mine 24 inches long so I cut the rod about 26 inches. this allows some extra for the actual u shaped end. 

Step 2) Once this is cut i use a tubing cutter to cut the handle. About a six inch handle made for a comfortable grip. 

Step 3) Mark and drill a hole in the center of the handle to accept a tap that is slightly smaller than the steel rod. Once drilled out tap the handle so that it is threaded to accept the rod.

Step 4) Take the steel rod and cut threads onto one end matching the threads you tapped into the handle.

Step 5) I added one ten mm nut onto the rod and tightened it up.Then thread the steel rod into the handle and add another nut on top to lock it down.

Step 6) Place the dehooker into a vice and heat the free end with a torch. once glowing red you can bend it into whatever shape holds your preferred hook type best. 

Pictures Of The Final Product

The finished product should look something like this. Ive been using these dehookers for years and have never had one fail on me.

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