How To:

Make Your Own Fishing Rod Rack!

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Make A Fishing Rod Rack For Less Than $10

How to make your own fishing rod/reel rack for storing your rods for less than $10 in materials!

Having a Rod Rack for your rods and reels is a great way to keep your rods organized, easy to get to, and the method I created I found to work very good.

What You Need To Make Your Own Rod Rack

- Wood (pine, etc.. the size of the wood depends on how many rods you will have and the dimensions of where it will be mounted)

- Drill, 2 inch circular cutter bit, drill bit accessories

- Jigsaw and Sand Grinder

- screws, drywall anchors for mounting

- paint

Instructions To Make Your Own Rod Rack

Step 1) Cut the wood customizing the length to your liking depending on the factors I mentioned. 

Step 2) Cut 2 inch circular holes with the drill and be sure to space them out evenly leaving about 2 inches between each hole.

Step 3) Cut small slits in each hole to allow easy access to remove your rods and place them back with ease. 

Step 4) Smooth everything down with the sand Grinder to form nice and smooth beveled and chiseled edges so the wood rough edges won't scratch up your rods. 

Step 5) Apply a coat of paint if you like and let dry. 

Step 6) Next you want to figure out where you will be mounting the rod rack. Drill 3 pilot holes in the rod rack and the wall and place a drywall anchors in if mounting on drywall. 

Step 7) Finish off by screwing in the screws following the pilot holes and in the wall.

Step 8) To prevent the rods from falling I found that using small bungees work very good for securing the rods.

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