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Make Money From A Fishing Youtube Channel

Author: Bullbuster Team

So What Does It Take To Make  A Living As A Fishing Youtuber

With all of the fishing youtube shows out there, you might be wondering how you can get in on the action.  Running a youtube channel is a business.  So, first start with a business plan.  

Tips For Starting A Youtube Business

  1. 1) Do some market research-  understand the demographics that you are going to be targeting and what they are searching for on Youtube (Youtube Is A Search Engine). 
  2. 2) Figure out how your show can solve a watchers problems.
  3. 3) Start With A Niche — This is very important.  Start with something that you are in a unique position to cover and cover it in depth.  Don’t start super broad, if you start too broad you will be drowned out by the content that is out there.  

Examples of Youtubers That Started By Covering A Niche —

Below are a few examples of Youtubers who become successfully by starting with a niche. You will find each channels oldest video that is still uploaded to Youtube below.   Notice the older generation started in  a TV like style, the younger generation has really revolutionized what is is to be a Youtuber following in the footsteps of the greats.

Landshark Fishing 

Youtuber Viktor Hluben started taking on the Youtube world by covering catch and release fishing for large land based sharks.  His channel has evolved to include highly detailed descriptions of tackle , and fishing techniques that include interviews with experts who he knows can give you the best answer.  This channel is a great channel to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of any fishing situation. 


The largest fishing show on Youtube was started after a Canadian  with a summer beach house discovered Florida’s  Blacktip migration in Palm Beach and got super in depth on his new obsession with blacktips.  Hence the name Blacktip Hunter.  

The show’s host Josh now travels all over the place doing different type of fish, but it all started with a super in depth videos that could only come from someone who knew how much the internet was lacking resources on how to target a species that captured his soul. If you live in the place you are fishing, its easy to get information, but if you are out of the town, well put together internet guides can be EXTREMELY useful. 

Chew On This 

 Captain Ben Chancey was one of the first people to put Youtube on the map in the fishing world.  His show featured big game fishing for big sharks and goliath grouper and was purely action packed and exciting.  Captain Chancey invented the Youtube Goliath Grouper video and millions of upon millions of views later he still holds the championship belt for these feisty beasts. 

Robert Field 

  If you’ve  never seen Robert fields Youtube channel you really should. Robert travels the world kayak fishing.  His chancel started as a unique combination of a fishing implementation of the 4 hour work week.  If you haven’t  read the book or seen his channel you need to, his outlook on life will truly inspire you. 


This is one of the the original Youtube classics that still to this day holds its salt. Lunkderdog has his own lexicon filled with sayings like “Run That Dog” , “Hog Leg” , “Get A Dozen”.  Lunkerdog talks about whats going on in the fishing world from a highly localized perspective, he’s putting Lunker’s in peoples faces in Ft. Lauderdale, and following the annual mullet run  (even with its own youtube channel (The Mullet Run).  His niche is a local area, snook, tarpon, mullet, and lunkerdog humor. 

Casting Cajun 

 This Louisiana local combines highly localized louisiana fishing with a  a mix of humor and some good cooking!

Back To The Business

  1. Understand Your Cashflow  Needs -  Cash flow needs can vary from person to person  (See our article that on how to use a budget to help you spend more time fishing). Figure out your cash flow needs from the show. 
  2. Get Multiple Sources Of Income  -  Most millionaires have at least 3-6 sources of income.  We’re not saying you are going to become a millionaire with your Youtube channel, but you might as well start by thinking like one.  

Before starting your channel think of the ways that you can generate income from it. Below we include a few different ways, we are sure you can think of many more.  

         1) Youtube Ad Revenue -  You’ve probably heard that Youtubers are not supposed to disclose their ad income, but there are plenty of websites that can help you estimate that.    ** This is most likely not a source that you are going to be reaping immediately.   Significant traffic is needed to generate much of any Youtube revenue from ads. One estimate we have heard is $1,000 per million views in revenue.  (But keep in mind Youtube is always changing as are its competitors).  Youtube ad revenue should not be your only source of income. 

   2) Brand Endorsements -  Brands have been known to pay youtubers to endorse their products, or advertise them on their show.   Getting a few brand endorsements can help you.  Brand endorsements can be done in the following ways. 

a) Get Product For Free - Youtubers are often sent product for free to test out in one of their episodes to bring awareness of said product.  If you are starting a fishing Youtube show this can bring down the cost of your overhead.  

b) Monthly Sponsorship Of Your Channel -  This is a great option for you as a Youtuber because it is predictable income.  Keep in mind when you are working with a  brand though, that you should have good communication with the companies you are working with to understand what they expect out of the partnership.  If you are going to do this, try checking in with the brand and covering monthly deliverables that translate back into the cash you are being endorsed with. 

c) Become An Affiliate-  This is a great path that is a “win-win” situation for you and the partners that you are working with.  With an affiliate program you make commission on sales that you referred. This is great to have on your resume as a Youtuber because it shows without a question that ROI of working with your channel.  It also is an easy sell to other brands as you can show you know what does and does not work to selling product. 

Check out this post to learn what affiliate marketing is and how it works (

    3) Sell Your Footage -  With all of the filming you are going to be doing you are bound to come across some killer shots. Who knows your footage may be worth something to someone.  Don’t be surprised when you get that call.  Better yet be proactive and find sources to regularly be purchasing your footage.  (Check out this article on making your first 150k selling your footage

     4) Sell Space On Your Youtube Channel — The TV networks did it, now you can too.  Other Youtubers may find value in one of their videos being loaded up on your youtube channel to help them gain subscribers.  

  5) Start A Blog -   Youtube videos greatly improve the visibility of your blog. You are making money on ad revenue on youtube, you might as well be making money on Adsense ads as well.  Plus the two go hand in hand, with a blog your youtube videos will get more views, and with a youtube channel your blog will get more views. 

Check out this article on how to make money with your blog (

6) Sell Your Own Product -  If you have a product to sell you can always sell it through your youtube video.  

7)License Your Youtube Brand To Private Label Manufacturers -  

Ok, so your no manufacturer, honestly you aren’t interested in it.  That doesn’t mean that there are not manufacturers out there who wouldn’t just love to be able to use your name for their product.  (Think Trump University). No Trump was not going there everyday to make lectures people, people were paying to use his name to gain instant legitimacy. 

Below is an article by Inc. Magazine on how to license your brand:

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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