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Make Bottom Fishing Rigs (Video Instructions)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Bottom Fishing Rig 101 

Mangrove Snapper Rigs

If you want to learn how to make a bottom fishing rig you have come to the right place.  We compiled some of the best videos on the web on making bottom fishing rigs.  

The Most Basic Bottom Fishing Rig AKA The Knocker Rig:    

This video posted by Cpt. Jim with "Tie One On Charters" shows exactly how to tie a knocker rig.  Knocker rigs are one of the simplest and most effective  bottom fishing rigs out there.  

Knocker Rigs Work Well For: 

Mutton Snapper

Yellow Tail

Mangrove Snapper

Red Snapper

Lane Snapper

Red Grouper

Gag Grouper

Black Grouper



Striped Bass

Bull Reds



How To Make A Chicken Rig:

A chicken rig is one of the most effective rigs for catching small bottom fish since it allows you to fish multiple hooks at once.  Luckily for you it is also pretty easy to make.  The video below was put together by MiamiFishN.

Chicken Rigs Work Well For: 

Advanced Bottom Fishing Rigs:  

When you fish longer leaders you will definitely get more hits.  Check out this video put together by the IGFA and featuring Cpt. Bouncer Smith and Mark Sosin discussing Bouncer's preffered bottom fishing setup.  When using this rig make sure to let your line out slowly to prevent tangles. 

This type of bottom fishing rig works well for: 

Mutton Snapper

Gag Grouper

Black Grouper


African Pompano

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