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Make Awesome Fish Jumping Sequence Photos

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Make Your Own Fish Jumping Sequence Picture

So you want to know how can you make an awesome fish jumping scene of your own?  We posted a few videos below that may help you get started!  Check them out to make a scene of your own!

Tarpon Jumping Sequence Picture
Awesome shots captured by John Meskauskas and put together using photo sequencing

"Fish Jumping Sequences Have Become All The Rage On The Internet" 

New technology has inspired anglers around the world to capture fishing in ways we never thought imagined.  With drones, flying above boats fishing offshore, and on beach, photoshop in the mix, we get to capture never before seen moments of the fishing experience.  In recent years, fish jumping sequences have become all the rage! They are popping up all over the internet and let the angler see the truly spectacular scenes that we miss with the blink of an eye.

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Sailfish Jumping Sequence Picture
Apparel company Satly Vibez recently came out with an awesome sailfish jumping sequence

Getting Started: 

1) Use the multi-burst setting on your camera to capture fish jumping

Best Way To Get Shots Of Fish Jumping With Your Iphone

Using the burst settings on your phone can allow you to get great shots of your fish jumping which can later be used to make a fish jumping sequence.  Check out how to make that happen with a video posted on Youtube by Guante Tutorials

Best Way To Get A Burst Shot On A Samsung Galaxy 

If you are using a Samsung, check out how to take a burst shot!

2) Use photoshop to edit your multi-burst into an awesome scene

Check out this video posted by "Raiatea Arcuri"'s channel.

Tips For Using Youtube Video Tutorials To Photoshop Your Fishing Photos:

1) You aren't always going to get exactly what you are looking for your specific fishing photo, try a few different types of searches to find a video that may be helpful for what you are trying to do.  For example you may want to start narrow like:

2) Make sure that look at multiple videos before getting started, everyone has a different learning style, and chances are you are going to find a video that matches yours better if you sift through a few. 

"How Do I Get One Fish Multiple Times In One Picture?"

Starting narrow with your search can be useful because chances are someone may have covered your specific topic.  If you someone had made a video on this specific topic, they are going to give you a lot better explanation, and have great tips for you you like, this is a "specific method" that I used to deal with the sailfish's sail to make it come out better, or a found that this photoshop tool works better for tarpon then it does for sailfish.  As of  1/30/17, there is no one that has specifically covered this topic, so the search results  look like the ones below.  If this happens to you you try to expand your search to something that is a little bit broader, but may help you with your issue. 

Youtube Results For How Do I Get A Fish Multiple Times In One Picture?

You can try a search, like the one below: 

" How Do I Make A Sequence Photo In Photoshop?" 

Below you get some results that may help you a little bit better.  Yea it is not as specific as you would like, but it will definitely point you in the right direction.  Checking out the search results below, you will find that not only are there plenty of guides that can help you to edit your fishing photo. 

Note that the below results also tell you that you need to use the multi-burst shot on your camera to capture the photos needed for your jumping fish sequence shot. 

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. It's our mission to help you spend more time fishing. Get a hold of our brand direct fishing lines to join a movement. 
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