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Author: Ryan Carson

Anytime I am going to be casting plugs I always use a mono or fluorocarbonleader. Reason behind this is simple. Compared to braid which is a lot smaller than mono or fluorocarbon but it has a color to it. Braid will be some type of green, red, yellow or blue the braid is colored. Mono and Fluorocarbon may have some type of tint to them or clear which makes it less noticeable under water.

When I go out fishing I tend to bring a few different size leaders with me for a few reasons. One if I am fishing an area with rocks I tend to go with a higher leader size closer to 50-60 lbs. If I am fishing a sandy beach I will use 40 lbs for the leader.

There are two ways I go about setting up my leader.

1.)   Pre-tied Leaders

A)   For pre-tied leaders I normally have a half dozen or so in my bag ready to go. Normally with the pre-tied leaders I will also add a dropper loop in for a teaser to be placed above the lure. I start with a 100# barrel swivel tied to about 36 inches of 40# fluorocarbon. About 6 inches down create a dropper loop for your teaser. That will leave about 26 inches below the teaser. At the end of the fluorocarbon I tie on a 125# power clip to be able to change out lures for different presentation. (If fishing around rocks I will increase the leader to 50-60 lbs.)

B)   For larger heavier leaders for example offshore fishing (Tuna Swordfish, Sharks etc.) I tend to use a lot heavier grander leader with crimps. Because of the thickness of the leader 100# and up it makes it very difficult to tie an efficient knot. Crimping solves this problem and it still is able to make a strong connection like a knot. This can be useful if you ever decide to try and make some of your own offshore rigs or setups.

2.)   Uniknot to Uniknot Splice

This is a very simple knot to tie once you’ve done it a few times. The point of this knot is to tie your leader line right to your braided line eliminating the barrel swivel. At the other end of the leader I will use a 125# power clip. I prefer this method because you can still add a dropper loop if you would like to use a teaser but by getting rid of the added barrel swivel it uses less tackle and makes for a more smooth transition from your main braid line to your leader.

Below is a picture showing how to tie the Uniknot to Uniknot Splice and step by step instructions

Step 1) Pass the braided line and monofilament at least 12 to 15" past each other so that loops can be formed. For a stronger knot, double the braided line.

Step2) Starting with the braided line, make 6 to 8 wraps through the loop and pull to tighten.

Step 3) Do the same with the mono except 4 or 5s wrap are enough. Pull on the tag end. Look to see that the wraps don't cross over each other.

Step 4) Pull on the standing lines to jam the knots together.

Step 5) Trim

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