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Make A Pinfish Trap With A PVC Pipe

Author: Bullbuster Team

Make A PVC Pinfish Trap

One of the great things about traveling the world fishing is that you get lots of different perspectives to add to your fishing knowledge.  The way someone fishes for a certain species in one place may be completely different than another place.  Lots of times the knowledge you gain from traveling and fishing can be translated back to your home town fishing.  With the internet knowledge of fishing tricks can travel very rapidly. Take a look at this interesting fish trap video posted by "QQ Daily On Youtube" that could be very useful for catching pinfish next to a grass flat. 

In the video the anglers take a PVC pipe and lower a kind of plug to the bottom of it. Along the line they include small sacks with "chum"  after some time they pull the plug back up and then push all of the small fish into a small bowl/bucket that is waiting to receiving the baitfish. 

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