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Make A Drop Leader Red Snapper Rig

Author: Finatical

Basic Rig For Red Snapper

Supply List (Per Rig):

  • ·         Monofilament Leader Material (desired leader test size)
  • ·         Crimping tool
  • ·         Sleeves (2 double and 2 single barrel to fit your leader material)
  • ·         Beads (2)
  • ·         Egg weight
  • ·         Hook
  • ·        Swivel

How To Make This Rig

Choose your desired rig length and cut a piece of leader to size.  Start on one end and add a double barrel sleeve and then swivel.  (We are making this one six feet long using 200lb test and a 300lb swivel).  Loop the leader end back through the other side of the sleeve and then crimp the sleeve on the line. Make sure that on all your crimps using mono that you don’t crimp right next to the edge of the sleeves.  Leave it loose on the edges of the sleeves so that it doesn’t cut into your leader material. 

Next, go to the other end of the leader and in this order, add: a single barrel sleeve, bead, egg weight, bead, and another single barrel sleeve.  Then add a double barrel sleeve and a hook.  (We are using an 8 ounce egg weight and a Mustad Demon Perfect Circle 3X Strong 7/0 hook).  Loop the end of the leader through the other side of the sleeve leaving about ½ inch wiggle room for the hook.  Don’t push the sleeve down tight on the hook.  Crimp down both sides of the barrel on the line. 

Finally, you will set your distance on the weight.  (We usually put the weight in the center or close to the center).  Hold both ends of the leader up and allow the weight, beads, and sleeves to gather in the center.  Adjust your supplies as needed on the leader material to place them where you prefer.  Once adjusted, crimp down the single barrel sleeves on either side of the beads to lock the weight and beads in place. 

Now go get you some snapper!  Bait Up & Send It!

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