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Make A Basic Weight For Landbased Shark Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

When you are landbased shark fishing you often have to deal with either crashing waves, or ripping current.  The best way to keep your bait in one spot is to literally tie it to a rock.   Here are a few pointers that can save you a lot of time, trouble, and tangles and ultimately lead to you catching more sharks.  

Tips For Making A Basic Weight For Landbased Shark Fishing

Basic Weight For Landbased Shark Fishing

1) Make sure you are using a rock that is between 10-15lbs

Trust us you will be happy you picked a big rock, the last thing you want is for one bait to get pushed in by heavy surf and for the rest of your lines to get completely tangled.  If you are fishing in some extreme surf or an inlet with very heavy current, you may want to go a little bigger. 

2) Save Time & Knots Go Heavy On Your Mono  

When tying your rock we recommend tying it with at least 125Lb test mono.   If you go any lighter you are going to end up having to tie a bunch of knots. With 125Lb test you will usually be good to go with one knot. 

3) Give Yourself A 5 Foot Piece Of Mono Between Your Rock & Your Hook

You want the shark to be able to pick your bait up and move around with it a bit before it feels the tension of the rock.  

4) Tie The Line Connecting Your Rock Directly To Your Hook

The second your shark picks the bait up it will cut off the rock trust us.   Don't worry about the shark dragging around your rock.  The only time that is going to happen is if you hook a nurse shark, and in that case you probably won't care anyways. 

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