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Low & High Tides For Catching Redfish In The Flats

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

Use Tide Charts To Catch More Redfish

A great trick for catching more redfish in the flats is knowing how the different tides will make them move and act. Always check the tide charts so that you kinda know how to read the way the redfish will be moving and be positioned.

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Tide Chart For Redfish

Low tides will concentrate the redfish and the further the tide falls the more they will gather into crowds and pockets as they are pushed out of the flats with the dropping water.

When they return with rising water, big groups are broken up into smaller groups as they will be moving into the high-tide locations.

  Redfish don't necessarily feed better but you will be able to catch them better in lower water simply because of the way they are positioned.

Redfish will scatter and will actively move to new area's when there are really high tides and they will eat pretty much what ever is there and moving, which puts redfish on a feeding frenzy up towards the flooded grass. 

Redfish will normally be tailling with there heads down and tails up out of the water especially when there are extreme high tides due to a new or full moon. 

The greater the tidal change the more the redfish become very predictable. Redfish will travel the same exact routes to and from their low and high water spots, which makes it easier to time a group of reds that will be passing a certain point on the outgoing tide and exactly when they'll be returning on the high tide.

 Looking for funnel affected areas is a big part in finding them being pushed and going through certain spots, which could be a great place to sit back and wait for them to come to you and let the fun begin.

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