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Long Range Tuna Trips Out Of Southern California

Author: Bullbuster Team

Looking To Take A Long Range Tuna Trip In Southern California?

The video below talks about long-range fishing trips out of Southern California. 

Landings In San Diego To Get On A Long Range Fishing Trip

1) Fisherman's Landing

2) H&M Landing 

3) Seaforth Landing 

List Of Long Range Fishing Boats In San Diego - This article covers the boats that fish for more than 7 days out of San Diego. 

Schedules Of Long Range Tuna Boats In Southern California - This article covers the schedules of long-range tuna boats in Southern California. 

Want To Get Started On A Shorter Trip?

Overnight Fishing Trips In Southern California - This article talks about an overnight fishing trip out of Orange County aboard the FURY. 

Preparing For An Overnight Or 1.5 Day Trip Out Of Southern California - This article talks about 1.5 day trips out of Southern California. 

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