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List Of The California Channel Islands

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Names Of All Of The SOCAL Channel Islands

SOCAL Channel Islands Fishing

Off the coast of Southern California are a series of islands called the Channel Islands. Some of the greatest catches in Sportfishing history have taken place off the coast of these islands.  One such example was the first Swordfish caught on rod and reel by a member of the Avalon Tuna Club on Catalina Island which ate a live barracuda flown off of a kite in 1913.  

Below is a list of all of the channel islands from South To North:

  1. 1) San Clemente

  2. 2) Santa Catalina 

  3. Catalina Island Fishing
    Click this photo to see more articles on Catalina Island fishing. This island is the home to the world's first fishing club (The Avalon Tuna Club) which started after Dr. Charles Holder caught the first Bluefin Tuna on rod and reel here.

  4. 3) San Nicolas

  5. 4) Santa Barbara 

  6. 5) Anacapa

  7. 6) Santa Rosa

  8. 7) Santa Cruz 

  9. 8) San Miguel

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