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List Of Salt Water Fishing Clubs In California

Author: Bullbuster Team

California Salt Water Fishing Clubs

One of the best ways to learn to fish a local area is to join a fishing club.  We're not talking about some Facebook group that has pictures of that area, we're talking about going to fishing events, meeting people and getting involved.  Below we have compiled a list of salt water fishing clubs in the state of California.

1) The Avalon Tuna Club : 

Location: Catalina Island 


The Avalon Tuna club is very important to sport fishing history.  It is known as the first club to bring a standard set of rules to the sport of fishing.  Zane Grey (a controversial member) went on to create the IGFA which shared many similarities to the Avalon Tuna club. 

2) The San Diego Anglers Club 

Location:  San Diego


The San Diego Anglers club is the largest fishing club in San Diego.  The San Diego Anglers Club is a family fishing club that along with its foundation (The San Diego Anglers Foundation) are heavily involved with the Southern California fishing community. 

If you want to meet other families that are heavily involved in fishing, get involved with tournaments, volunteering, and learn a ton about fishing every month with renowned speakers at the monthly meetings of the club.

3) Balboa Angling Club

Location: Newport Beach

Website: http://www.balboaanglingclub.o...

4) Dana Point Kayak Fishing Mafi

Location:  Dana Point, California

Website: http://www.martialartsacademy....

5) Dana Angling Club

Location: Dana , California


6) Dana Wharf Lady Anglers

Location:  Dana Wharf, California


7) Fishermen In Business (Christian Anglers Club)

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Website: http://www.fibersfishingclub.o...

8) Glendora Rod & Reel Club

Location: Glendora California


9) High Desert Salt Water Anglers

Location: Quartz Hill, Ca.

Website: http://www.saltwateranglers.or...

10) Inland Salt Water Anglers Club

Location: Upland, Ca


11) Mission Bay Marlin Club

Website: https://www.missionbaymarlincl...

12) The Marlin Club

Website: http://themarlinclub.squarespa...

The Marlin Club has a beautiful campus on Shelter Island.  This is a great club to join if you are a big game fishermen.  Below is Tony Souza speaking at a Marlin Club Meeting. 

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