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List Of Resources For Planning A Hawaiian Fishing Trip

Author: AJ Treu

Guide To Preparing For A Hawaiian Fishing Trip

Oahu Fishing Charter

Fishing Seasons In Hawaii

Here is a resource for figuring out the fishing seasons in Hawaii.  If you are planning your fishing trip purely around fishing, summertime is great for Blue Marlin, fall is great for Ahi fishing, and the winter is a good time to target striped and black marlin. 

Time Of The Year To Travel To Hawaii

The best time of the year to travel to Hawaii based upon flight costs is April - May or Sept - October.  (Learn More About Flying To Hawaii On A Budget).  These are Hawaii's slow seasons so you will get the best flight prices, however if your goal is to catch a certain fish, it may be worth getting a more expensive flight based on the time of year that that fish is most active. 

Best Guides To Each Island

Kona (Big Island)

Below is a guide to Kona (The Big Island). This guide is pretty in depth and covers everything from getting there to (Resource For Traveling To Kona).


Oahu is the most populous island in Hawaii, it also has great fishing. Use This Comprehensive Guide To Hawaii to help you get around. 


Maui is a less populous island with plenty of things to explore.  Take a look this resource on Maui.

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