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List Of Pacific Snappers

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Pacific Snappers Plus Their Scientific Names & Nicknames

1) Amarillo Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus argentivenetris

Nickname: Yellow Snapper, Pargo Amarillo 

2) Barred Pargo 

Species Name: Hoplopagrus guntheri

Nickname: Barred Snapper

3) Blue & Gold Snapper

Species Name:  Lutjanus viridus

Nickname: Pargo Rayado

4) Colorado Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus colorado 

Nickname: Red Snapper, Pargo Colorado

5) Jordan's Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus jordani

6) Mullet Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus aratus

Nickname: Pargo Lisa

7) Pacific Cubera Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus novenfasciatus

Nickname: Pacific Dog Snapper

8) Pacific Red Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus peru 

Nickname: Huachinango

9) Spotted Rose Snapper

Species Name: Lutjanus guttatus

Nickname: Rose Snapper

We hope that this list was helpful to you.  There are a number of articles on snapper fishing on the Bullbuster Community.  If you would like to learn more about Pacific Snappers and you are the type that likes to read on paper.  Check out Vic Dunlaps "Sportfish Of The Pacific".  We would like to thank Bullbuster Community Member William Schiffmanfor lending us his copy. 

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