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List Of Pacific Jacks

Author: Bullbuster Team

Jacks You Can Catch In The Pacific Plus Their Scientific Names & Nicknames

Below is a list of Jacks that you can catch in the Pacific Ocean.  These Jacks can be found from San Diego, Hawaii, to the South Pacific.  

1) African Pompano

Scientific Name:  Alectis ciliaris

Nickname: Threadfish, Threadfin, Ulua kihikihi, Flechudo 

2) Almaco Jack 

Scientific Name: Seriola rivoliana

Nickname: Pacific Amberjack, Longfin Amberjack, Pez Fuerte

3) Bigeye Trevally

Scientific Name: Caranax sexfaciatus

Nickname: Bigeye Jack, Horse-eye Jack, Pake Ulua

4) Bigeye Scad

Scientific Name: Selar crumenophthalmus

Nickname: Goggle-eye, Purse-eyed Scad, Ojoton

5) Black Jack 

Scientific Name: Caranax lugubris

Nickname: Jurel Negro, Brown Jack

6) Bluefin Trevally 

Scientific Name: Caranax melampgus

Nickname: Blue Crevalle, Blue Jack, Bluefin Jack, Cobalt Jack, Omilu, Hoshi Ulua

7) Gaftopsail Pompano

Scientific Name: Trachinotus rhodopus 

Nickname: Paloma, Palometa, Pampanito

8) Golden Jack

Scientific Name:  Gnathanodon speciosus

Nickname: Golden Trevally, Striped Jack, Yellow Ulua

9) Green Jack

Scientific Name: Caranax caballus

Nickname: Green Runner, Blue Runner, Cocinero

10) Jack Mackerel 

Scientific Name: Trachurus symmetricus

Nickname: California Horse Mackerel, Charrito

11) Leatherjack

Scientific Name: Oligoplites sp. 

Nickname: Leatherjacket, Zapatero

12) Mexican Shad

Scientific Name: Decapterus scombrinus 

Nickname: Caballa, Mexicana, Jurel Fino 

13) Pacific Crevalle Jack

Scientific Name: Caranax caninus

Nickname: Jurel, Torro

14) Pacific Lookdown

Scientific Name:  Selene oerstedii

Nickname: Hores-head, Jorobado

15) Pacific Permit

Scientific Name: Trachinotus kennedyi

Nickname: Pacific Pompano, Longfin Pompano, Blackblotch Permit

16) Paloma Pompano

Scientific Name: Trachinotus paitensis 

Nickname: Pacific Pompano

17) Pilotfish

Scientific Name: Naucrates ductor

Nickname: Pez Piloto, Romero

18) Rainbow Runner

Scientific Name: Elgatis bipinnnulata

Nickname: Rainbow Jack, Spanish Jack, Kamanu

19) Rooster Fish

Scientific Name: Nematistius pectoralis

Nickname: Gallo, Papagallo, Pez Gallo

Rooster Fish

Angler Nico Omeechevarria with a Costa Rican Rooster

20) Threadfin Jack

Scientific Name:  Carangoides otrynter

Nickname: Threadfish

21) Ulua

Scientific Name: Caranx ignobilis

Nickname: Giant Trevally, Pa'u'u, Turrum

Bullbuster community member Jaren Luke with a nice Ulua caught from the rocks of Oahu Hawaii.

22 ) Yellowtail

Scientific Name: Seriola lalandi

Nickname: Pacific Yellowtail, Pacific Amberjack, Kahala

California Yellowtail
Angler Kristen Moeller with a nice yellow tail caught aboard the Independence offshore of San Diego.

If you want to learn more about fish in the Jack family that live in the Pacific, check out other articles here on the Bullbuster Community.  If you like to read things on paper check out Vic Dunaway's "Sportfish Of The Pacific", this book was loaned to our team by Bullbuster Community Member William Shiffman. 

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