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List Of Pacific Flatfish ( Flounder, Fluke, Halibuts)

Author: WetWillyBiz

List Of Pacific Flatfish (Plus Their Scientific Name & Nicknames)

1) Bigmouth Sole

Scientific Name: Hippoglossina  stomata

2) California Halibut 

Scientific Name:  Paralichthys californiacus

Nickname: California Flounder, Chicken Halibut, Southern Halibut

3) Pacific Sanddab

Scientific Name:  Citharichthys sordidus

Nickname: Mottled Sanddab, Lenguado 

4) Butter Sole

Scientific Name: Pleuronectes isolepis

Nickname: Scaly Flounder

5) C-O Sole

Scientific Name:  Pleuronichtys coenosus 

Nickname: C-O Turbot, Popeyed Turbot

6) Diamond Turbot 

Scientific Name: Hypsopsetta guttulata

7) Flathead Sole

Scientific Name: Hippoglossoides elassodon

8) Pacific Halibut 

Scientific Name: Hippoglossus stenolepis

Nickname: Giant Halibut, Northern Halibut, Right Halibut, Alabato

9) Petrale Sole

Scientific Name: Eopsetta jordani

Nickname: Brill, Roundnose Flounder

10) Rock Sole

Scientific Name: Pleuronecetes bilineatus 

Nickname: Broadfin Flounder, Roughback Sole

11) San Sole

Scientific Name: Psettichthys melanostictus 

Nickname: Fringe Flounder

12) Starry Flounder 

Scientific Name: Platichthys stellatus 

Nickname: Rough Jacket

We hope that this list of flatfish was useful to you.  There are many articles on the Bullbuster Community available about catching and even cooking flounder, fluke, and halibut.   If you would like to learn more about flatfish of the Pacific and you like things in paper form, check out Vic Dunlap's "Sportfish Of The Pacific".  We want to put in a special thanks to Bullbuster Community Member Wiliam Shiffman who lent us this excellent guide to Pacific fish. 

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