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List Of Pacific Billfish

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Pacific Billfish (Plus Their Scientific Names & Nicknames)

Below is a list of billfish you can find when fishing anywhere from San Diego to the South Pacific.  

1) Black Marlin

Scientific Name: Makaira indica 

Nickname: Aguja Negro, Marlin Negro, A' u

2) Blue Marlin

Scientific Name: Makaira nigircans 

Nickname: Pacific Blue Marlin, Aguja, Marlin Azul, A'u Kajiki

3) Sailfish

Scientific Name: Isiophorus platyperus

Nickname: Pacific Sailfish, Pez Vela, A'u Lepe

Pacific Sailfish

4) Shortbill Spearfish

Scientific Name:  Terapturus angustirostris

Nickname: Pez Aguja, Hebi

5) Striped Marlin

Scientific Name: Terapturus audax

Nickname: Nairagi, A'u

Striped Marlin

6) Swordfish

Scientific Name: Xiphias gladius

Nickname: Broadbill, Pez Espada, Shutome, A'u-Ku


To learn more about identifying Pacific gamefish take a look at articles here on the community or if you like things in paper, check out Vic Dunaway's "Sportfish Of The Pacific", a book lent to our team by Bullbuster Community member William Shiffman. 

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