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List Of Pacific Baitfish

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Baitfish In The Pacific Ocean Plus Their Scientific Names & Nicknames

1) American Shad

Scientific Name: Alosa sapidissima

Nickname: Common Shad

2) California Grunion

Scientific Name: Leurestheus tenuis 

Nickname: Grunon 

3) California Killifish

Scientific Name: Fundulus parvipinnis 

Nickname: Pacific Kilifish

4) Capelin

Scientific Name: Mallotus villosus

5) Deepbody Anchovy

Scientific Name: Anchoa compressa

Nickname: Anchoa

6) Eulachon

Scientific Name: Thaleichthys pacificus

Nickname: Candlefish

7) Jacksmelt

Scientific Name: Atherinopsis californiensis

8) Longlfin Smelt

Scientific Name: Hemiramphus salator

Nickname: Pajarito, Ballyhoo

9) Nothern Anchovy

Scientific Name: Engraulis mordax

Nickname: Pacific Anchovy, California Anchovy, Anchoa

10) Pacific Herring

Scientific Name: Clupea pallasii

Nickname: Herring, Sardina

11) Pacific Sand Lance

Scientific Name: Ammodytes

Nickname: Sand Eel, Lancefish

13) Pacific Sardine

Scientific Name: Sardinops sagax

Nickname: California Sardine, Pilchard, Sardina

13) Pacific Saury

Scientific Name: Coloabis saira

14) Rainbow Smelt

Scientific Name: Osmerus mordax

Nickname: Artic Smelt, American Smelt, Pygmy Smelt

15) Round Herring

Scientific Name: Etrumeus teres

Nickname: Atantic Round Herring, California Round Herring

16) Surf Smelt

Scientific Name: Hypomesus pretiosus

Nickname: Sliver Smelt, Day Fish, Day Smelt

17) Thread Herring

Scientific Name: Opsithonema liberate

Nickname: Sardina machete

18) Threadfin Herring

Scientific Name: Dorosoma petenese

19) Whitebait Smelt

Scientific Name: Allosmerus elongatus

Nickname: Whitebait

There are lots or resources of the Bullbuster Community forlive bait fishing.  If you want to learn more about the baitfish of the Pacific and you like reading things on paper you may want to check out Vic Dunaway's "Sport Fish Of The Pacific".  We would like to thank Bullbuster Community Member William Shiffman for lending us his copy. 

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