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List Of Fishing Lodges By State

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List Of Fishing Lodges By State

Below is a list of fishing lodges by state. No this isn’t your run in the mill google suggestions of hotels “near fishing”, these places are actually set up for fishing or having fishing packages included as the main focus of the stay. 

Florida Fishing Lodges

Florida is “The Fishing Capital Of The World”.  Florida lodges give you access to great offshore and inshore fishing targeting species such as tarpon, snook, bonefish,grouper, sailfish, mahi, and swordfish. 

  1. Tarpon Lodge - Located on Kabbage Key, this fishing lodge was built in 1926 as the first tarpon fishermen traveled to Florida to target the silver king. The lodge has since been updated but this is still a great place to stay if you are traveling to Florida to target tarpon and other inshore species. 
  1. Everglades Fishing Lodge - Explore the everglades from Chokoloskee fishing for tarpon, snook, redfish, and more in one of the greatest National Parks of the nation.

  1. Big Pine Fishing Lodge - Trailer your boat down to Big Pine Key and get ready for some fishing.   This lodge includes its own deepwater launch ramp, rooms to rent as well as campsites for RVs. 
  1. Cheeca Lodge & Spa -  This is probably the most upscale fishing lodge in the Florida Keys. 


  1. The Angler’s Lodge - A small private home in the St. Pete Area run by a local guide and his wife.

Hawaii Fishing Lodges

Hawaii is the big game fishing capital of the US.  A Grander marlin (one over 1,000Lbs) has been caught in Hawaii in every month of the year.  There are not a ton of fishing lodges in Hawaii as most anglers stay in a hotel or Airbnb and then book a charter. 

  1. Riata Worldwide Hunting & Fishing Maui Packages -  Riata worldwide has a couple of packages for fishing in Maui Hawaii. These are upscale packages and include a 3 days fishing and a 7 night stay. Learn more on their website. 

Texas Fishing Lodges

Texas is home to many outdoorsmen, so they are a number of options for you here. 

  1. Redfish Lodge -  This lodge is located on a mile long peninsula and is set up for small and large groups of fishing enthusiasts. 
  1. Eagle’s Nest Fishing Lodge - This a lodge for fishing for freshwater species such as catfish and bass.  It includes a fishing pier, boat docks, and a launch ramp.
  1. Bay Flats Lodge- Located right next to Port O’connor this lodge is a lodge for both hunters and fishermen targeting ducks and redfish. 

Alaska Fishing Lodges

Alaska is home to some of the world’s most famous fishing lodges. 

  1. El Capitan Lodge - A two hour flight north of Seattle, this lodge has its own fleet of custom 28 foot boats to target salmon, halibut, and monstrous rockfish. 
  1. Waterfall Resort Alaska -  Check out the intro video on their website, this place looks a blast for the whole fishing family. 
  1. Kenai River Alaska Fishing Lodge - Stay in these cabins, catch tons of fish, and come home with more then just stories (with their full service fish processing).
  1. Highliner Fishing Lodge - Adveristed as the best fishing lodge in Alaska with picture proof. 

Louisiana Fishing Lodges 

Louisiana is home to world class fishing and is truly an outdoorsman’s paradise. 

  1. Home Run Fishing Charters & Lodge -  Venice louisiana is a place like no other. A floating town a few hours south of New Orlean that is only there because of fishermen. Home Run Fishing lodge is designed for fishermen looking to target fish offshore such as large tuna, wahoo, and swordfish.
  1. The Lodge - Located in Buras Louisiana, just north of Venice, this lodge is designed for anglers coming down to fish inshore for Louisiana’s plentiful sea trout and redfish.  When we say plentiful, if you have fished in Florida or Texas your whole life, you will be astounded. 
  1. Pelican’s Roost Resort - This is an all inclusive fishing and hunting resort. 
  1. Fish Commander Cabins - This is a set of fishing Cabins on Grande Isle Louisiana.  Venice Louisiana has gotten a lot of press recently, however Grande Isle is a little bit more developed and has offshore fishing that is just as good as Venice if not better at certain times of the year. 

California Fishing Lodges

Since California is so big and diverse it has everything from world class offshore fishing to streams to fish for trout in the mountains. 

  1. Long Range Fishing Boats - Long range fishing boats are pretty much lodges on the water. Bring your gear onboard for trips up to 24 days with your own cabin, complete with a chef who cooks up to 4 meals per day.  
  1. Salmon Lake Fishing Lodge
    - Stay at this lodge in the Sierra mountains and cook fish you caught that morning. 
  1. Bishop Creek Fishing Lodge - This is a family fishing lodge where the whole family can experience excellent trout fishing. 

Oregon Fishing Lodges 

Oregon is full of outdoors opportunities.  Check out the lodge below. 

  1. Minam Fishing Lodge - An excellent lodge for those wanting to flyfish in Oregon. 

Wyoming Fishing Lodges 

Wyoming is known for fly fishing for BIG trout.   Take a look at some of your options below. 

  1. Bush Creek Lodge -  On 30,000 acres there are plenty of rivers for you to explore with some of the worlds best Fly Fishing. 
  1. Wyoming Flyfishing Lodge - This lodge has all inclusive packages including fly fishing guides. 

Colorado Fishing Lodges

Colorado has world class fly fishing and world class lodges to go along with that. 

  1. Northfork Ranch -  This lodge / set of cabins is set up for fly fishing in Colorado. 
  1. Frying Pan River Lodge  - This lodge located on its namesake river is great for fly fishermen who know what they are doing. 

Washington State Fishing Lodges 

As the northern most state of the contiguous US West Coast, Washington has some world class fishing. Take a look at the lodge below: 

  1. Bogan’s Oasis - This fishing lodge is situated in prime location for the steelhead run. 


Montana Fishing Lodges

  1. Firehole Ranch Lodge - Montana has some of the best fly fishing in the US and is where the novel and then movie is based. This is a great place to stay for that. 
  1. The Ranch At Rock Creek -  This ranch has a range of amenities and luxury accommodations that you can return from after a day of fly fishing and that non-fishing family members can enjoy. 
  1. Madison Valley Ranch - This is advertised as Montana’s premier fly fishing lodge. 

Minnesota Fishing Lodges 

  1. Boyd Lodge - Looking to target Walleye on the lake? This is the lodge for you. 

Arizona Fishing Lodges

  1. Greer Lodge - Arizona’s premier fishing lodge. 
  1. Cherry Creek Lodge - This is mostly an elk hunting lodge, but they advertise lake fishing. 

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