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List Of Croakers You Can Catch In The Pacific

Author: Bullbuster Team

List Of Croakers You Can Catch In The Pacific + Their Scientific Names & Nicknames

1) Bairdiella

Scientific Name: Bairdiella Icisia

Nickname: Romeo Croaker, Covineta

2) Black Croaker

Scientific Name: Cheilotrema Saturnum

Nickname: Blackspot Croaker, China Croaker, Ronacacho

3) California Corbina

Scientific Name: Menticirrhus undulatus

Nickname: California King Croaker, California Whiting, Surffish

4) Gulf Corvina

Scientific Name: Cynocion orthonopterus

Nickname: Gulf Weakfish

5) Highfin Kingcroaker

Scientific Name: Menticrrhus nasus

Nickname: Highfin Corbina

6) Orangemouth Corvina

Scientific Name: Cynoscion xanthulus

Nickname: Yellowmouth Corvina

7) Pacific Drum

Scientific Name: Larimus pacificus 

8) Pacific King Croaker

Scientific Name: Mentichrrus elongatus

9) Queenfish

Scientific Name: Seriphus politus 

Nickname: Kingfish

10) Shortfin Corvina

Scientific Name: Cynoscion paravipinnis

Nickname: Blue Corvina, Shortfin Seabass

11) Spotfin Croaker

Scientific Name: Roncador stearnsi

Nickname: Golden Croaker, Roncador

12) Stolzmann's Corvina

Scientific Name: Cynoscion stolzmanni

Nickname: Stolzmann's Weakfish

13) Striped Corvina

Scientific Name: Striped Corvina

Nickname: Striped Weakfish

14) Totuava

Scientific Name: Totoaba macdonaldi

Nickname: Machorro, Totoaba

15) White Corvina

Scientific Name: Cynoscion albus

Nickname: Whitefin Corvina, Whitefin Weakfish

16) White Croaker

Scientific Name: Genyonemus lineatus

Nickname: Tomcod, Kingfish, Roncador

17) White Seabass

Scientific Name: Atractoscion nobilis

Nickname: California White Seabass, White Corvina, White Weakfish

Cook White Seabass

18) Yellowfin Croaker

Scientific Name: Umbrina roncador 

Nickname: Yellowfin Drum, Catalina Croaker

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