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List Of 5 Deep Drop Rig Manufacturers

Author: Bullbuster Team

Looking To Purchase Deep Drop Rigs?

Rigs for deep dropping are something you can make yourself.  However, many anglers opt to purchase pre-made rigs.  We put together a list of deep drop rig manufacturers. 

1) End Game Tackle Company -- This amazon seller has a great selection of rigs for deep dropping with decent ratings to boot. 

Deep Drop Rigs On Amazon

2) Captain Harry's Fishing Supplies - Captain Harry's fishing supply, a local Miami Tackle Retailer with an international reach and brand carries  a good selection of deep drop rigs.  What is nice about the Captain Harry's selection is they break it down by the species you are targeting. This is actually a pretty nice way to set this up, especially if you have an idea of what type of fish are biting in your area. 

Captain Harry's Deep Drop Rigs

3) R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs - These rigs designed by a well known South Florida Captain (Ray Rosher). They come with 5/0, 7/0, 8/0, and 10/0 size hooks. What is nice about these rigs compared to the rigs we have mentioned so far is the quality of the hook you are getting with the rig. These high carbon steel hooks are a lot sharper than you are going to find on your average deep drop rig. 

R&R Tackle Deep Drop Rigs

4) Three Buoys Deep Drop Rigs - These rigs which are on the Hooker Electric website (a manufacturer of electric reels for deep dropping) are not only high quality hand made but also have high quality sharp hooks and come labeled by species. 

Deep Drop Rigs By Three Buoys

5) Catch All Tackle Rigs - These are standard deep drop rigs that can be purchased on Catch All Tackle

Catch All Tackle Deep Drop Rigs

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