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Line Winding Machines To Spool Your Reels From Home

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List Of Line Winding Machines To Spool Your Reel At Home

If you are buying your fishing lines on that means you are buying directly from our factory and usually in bulk.  It also means that you will be spooling at home, and will probably have some line left over for the next time you need to spool your reels.  Having a line winding machine in your garage or man cave can make this process a lot easier and faster.  Below is a list of line winding machines that are on the market. 

1) Triangle Line Winders

The triangle line winding machine is probably the most recognized machine on the market.  It is also the most widely used by tackle stores.  Triangle is a one man division of a larger medical device company and manufactures three models to help you wind your line from home. 


 Big Game Line Winder - HD 140

Below is a video posted on Triangle Sports Youtube Channel about this line winder. 

SD 125 Line Winding

This is a video posted by Triangle Sport for their smaller model. 

2) South Chatam Tackle Line Winder

Below is a line winder put together by South Chatam tackle.  This machine is a bit less high tech and lets you use a drill to get the reeling done.  But it is a lot less expensive then a triangle machine and it really does get the job done.



3) Bees Knees Fishing Line Spooler

This is a spooler that helps you put pressure on your line.   


4)  Make Your Own Line Spooler 

Below is a project posted by "Matt's Fishing Adventures" with a plan for making your own line spooler. 

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