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LBSF: Short Drop Leaders

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Texas LBSF: Short Drop Leaders

These types of leaders make just like my big shark leaders but much shorter with smaller components for smaller sharks and smaller baits.

1. 400lb monofilament (1.9mm double barrel Crimps)

2.   480lb steel coated 49 strain cable (2.2mm double barrel Crimps)

3.   600lb swivels

4.   100lb snap swivels

5.   520lb D Shackle or clips (supplement for long line clip)

6.   12/0 -16/0 offset Circle hooks

First: 10ft of 400lb monofilament with 1.9mm double barrel crimps.

Second: We add top swivel and crimp mono then add beads snap swivel for weight, single barrel crimp to help and stop the weight from going to from down and then another crimp and swivel.

Third: Wire Portion: I still tend to use 5ft of coated cable just incase the shark or toothy fish accidently swallow the hook the cable wont be as easy to cut off like monofilament.

Fourth: we make a loop at the top end of the cable to use to connect to clips or D shackles which act line long line clips. They help with running cable and hook threw the body of the baits so its not complexly exposed when the sharks or fish pick up the baits.

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