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Land Based Shark Leader

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Making My Own Shark Leader 

I am not a professional but I do like making my own leaders and Shark fishing is just another LEVEL of fishing especially land based shark fishing from the sand or the Jetty’s.


1.   500lb monofilament (2.2mm double barrel Crimps)

2.   480lb steel coated 49 strain cable (2.2mm double barrel Crimps)

3.   600lb swivel

4.   150lb swivel

5.   500lb timbles

6.   600lb D Shackle (supplement for long line clip)

7.   19/0 offset Circle hooks

First: we start off with 27ft of the 500 lb monofilament because I double crimp the mono and make it a foot apart on the top.

Making A Shark Rig Step 1

Second: from the bottom of the mono I add beads, snap swivel and more beads with a single barrel sleeve crimped about 6 feet from the top. (all based on where you want you weight to stop from sliding once hooked)

Make A Shark Rig Step 2

Third: continue with the same processes as step one but on the bottom half of the monofilament portion.

Make A Shark Rig Step 3


Fourth: I start on the wire portion of the leader. Making the wire about 5ft. (this portion is shorter than the monofilament because this is where the hook is and the sharpest part of the shark is its teeth and it’s a little harder for them to bit threw the cable.)

Make A Shark Rig Step 4

Fifth: crimping down the 19/0 offset circle hooks with double barrel crimps.

Make A Shark Rig Step 5

Last step is connecting the monofilament portion of the leader with the steel coated cable portion with the D shackle which also allows you to add multiple hooks for larger baits like whole stingrays and jack crevalles.

Make A Shark Rig Step 6

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