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Land Based Shark Fishing Species In SOCAL

Author: Bullbuster Team

Landbased Shark Fishing Species In Southern California

If you are looking to get into shark fishing in Southern California below are some species that you can target. At Bullbuster we are  a proponent of catch and release shark fishing however if you are going to harvest  a shark for consumption make sure you are following the California Fishing Rules & Regulations. 

1) Thresher Shark

The thresher shark is probably one of the most spectacular sharks in the ocean.  This shark literally uses its tail to stun and often kill its prey.  Imagine the agility and reflexes it takes to do that under water.  Fishermen often hook these sharks in the tall due to their unique style of hunting. 

The photo above was taken of Bullbuster Ambassador Terra Fina Tackle. 

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2) Mako Shark

The mako shark is not only the fastest, but one of the most acrobatic sharks in the ocean.  Once hooked these sharks are likely to go airborne with awesome arial displays often times up to 20 feet in the air. When fishermen hook these sharks on a boat, the captain must be very aware because it is not uncommon for makos to jump into the boat and wreak havoc. 

3) Leopard Shark 

The leopard shark is a common land based catch for shark fishermen in Southern California.  These sharks usually do not grow much over 5 feet and mostly eat crustaceans on the bottom of the ocean and other fish such as anchovies and small bat rays or guitarfish. 

4) Soupfin Shark 

Soupfin sharks are often caught by Southern California shark fishermen.  They can reach up to 6 feet in length and  put up an impressive fight on light tackle. 

5) Hammerhead Shark 

Behind the thresher shark,  the hammerhead is one of the most unique sharks in the ocean.  The hammerhead uses its hammer shaped head as a kind of sonar to find prey on the bottom of the ocean floor.  It also uses it to pin stingrays to the ocean floor.  This pelagic shark is a very hard fighting sport fish.  Take extra care to release this shark as fast as possible as it is the most sensitive shark to angling.

6) Seven Gill Shark 

This shark is an ancient shark. These sharks have been around since the age of the Dinosaurs. 

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