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Know If Was Not Designed For You

Author: Bullbuster Team

This Website Is Made For Those Who Are Willing To Make A Commitment To Spend More Time Fishing

Below we put together a list of three people was not designed for: 

1) Last Minute Sam

We are not the right place to come if you are a last minute Sam. If you find yourself getting to the boat ramp or the pier and having to turn back around and go to the tackle store because you forgot to buy swivels, or you find yourself on a tight edge offshore and you can't find your fluorocarbon, we are not for you. Last minute Sam is that guy who gets to the beach sets up his shark rods and needs to start making rigs right then and there on the beach and misses the tide. 

2) Blood Knot Joey

We all know a blood knot Joey, he never needs new line because he is always splicing a new 50 foot  section of line on. Well at this point Blood Knot Joey has got about 6 different color lines in his spool all tied with blood knots , and spends half of his time making sure the knots get through his guides. Well if your guna be a blood knot Joey, at least invest in some bigger guides.

3) Googan Matt

Googan Matt, we have nothing against you. But you just aren't quite ready to shop here yet.  That is unless you have read a few how to articles on the  Bullbuster Community, or used our line capacity tool. Get on the water, go to your local fishing store, ask lots of questions. Don't become a blood knot Joey or a last minute Sam, and in a few months you will be ready to come back here and we can help you spend more time fishing

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We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!


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