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Kingfish Rods/Reels/Rigging

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Rigging For Big Kingfish

Kingfish season is here in full action. During the fall and spring the kingfish run up along the beaches and in the bay as the Gulf temperature reaches the magic number the Kings turn on.

 Rods For Kingfish: 

The rods I like to use for kingfish as far as conventional rods are an 8 foot rod. I like using a 20-30lb blank rod with fast action but if I'm fishing the piers for Kings I like using more beefy tackle such as a 40-50lb rod if the king tries to shoot the pier on you. Personally I have 2 conventional star rods that work great for flat lining/live baiting for Kings 

Reels For Kingfish:

The reels I like using as far as conventional is a good high speed reel, good high gear ratio, 3/0 to 4/0 reel spooled with 30-50lb Bullbuster monofilament fishing line. I like using spinning reels to that gives you a challenge such as 4000 size reel or up to a 6500 size reel.

Rigging/Bait For Kingfish: 

 It is important to rig up for kingfish the day before or anytime before heading out fishing as any kingfish tournament angler would tell ya. I make my stinger rigs ahead of time and store them in Ziploc bags until it is time to grab and go. I like using #04 or #05 wire with my leading hook a 3/0 or 4/0 J hook and my stinger a treble hook. Be sure to customize your hook size and stinger rig length depending on your bait you'll be using.


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