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Keeper Gag Grouper Inshore

Author: Arvids Gerulis

Targeting, Tackle, and Technique for Inshore Grouper.

Duringg the fall, the grouper start to head more inshore from their offshore grounds. Gag Grouper are one of the species that you can catch inshore during the fall and winter months. They stage up near nearshore structure such as pilings and bridges. The Bridges in the Tampa Bay area offer great structure and presentation to target the grouper. When fishing near bridges or heavy structure I like to beef up my tackle. I like using a 6000 size spinning reel or larger with a 8ft rod with lots of backbone and strength to pull them grouper out of structure. I like using Bullbuster 60lb or 80lb Monofilament or Flourocarbon leader material with a 4/0- 6/0 hook depending on bait size. I like using a big live juicy bait such as a pinfish, grunt, or anything lively it will get eaten. When targeting the grouper study the bottom where you are fishing. Usually the grouper are going to be where it is the most Rocky or structure present. When you got one be sure to CRANK and pull the fish out of the structure as fast as possible as these grouper pull hard and run straight down with all their strength. Also when fishing the bridges you never know what you might get. Snook are in season now with a slot size limit of 28" to 33" here in the west coast.

Gag Grouper

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