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Kayaking Baits - Safety Tips!

Author: Connor Jeffries

Stay Safe When Kayaking Out Your Baits!

Safety Tips For Kayaking Your Baits Out

Kayaking baits can be VERY dangerous as we have seen recently. A kayak was washed up perfectly upright on Mexico Beach, Florida. His body was never found. 

That is why it is important to talk about safety and how to kayak baits properly. Kayaking baits is necessary for shark fishing from the beach because you have to get your bait out a good 400-600 yards.

#1 Use A Life Jacket

Tip : Ad A Whistle 

First off, I NEVER leave the shore on a kayak without a lifejacket. A lot of people use a distress tracker and/or radio, but I just use a whistle. If I'm in distress I simply blow the whistle and whoever I am fishing with will call 911. 

#2 Get Help Launching

When taking off, pull your kayak into the water and get in it. Then, have your friend push you off while you start paddling. 

#3 Stay Aware

Keep track of how many paddles you do when you drop baits because when you drop multiple baits you can determine how far or short you want them dropped. Take note of which way the current and wind is going just in case something bad happens and you will need to use it. 

# 4 Be Aware Of Where Your Bait Is

Tip:  Always put your bait behind you instead of in front (if a boat passing behind you, your baits will not rip into you. )

Another thing I do is always secure my bait in the kayak. I have heard too many stories of people getting hooks put straight through their feet or arms while kayaking baits and it causing problems for them. So, I usually connect the hook to a little loophole on my kayak, and when I'm ready to drop the baits I simply take it out of the loophole and connect the hook better into the bait if it gets messed up a little while kayaking.

# 5 Keep Your Kayak Visible

When kayaking baits at night, I use Bullbuster Glow Sticks.

Don't be the one the Coast Gaurd is out looking for!

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